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Our Bookstore is scheduled to launch March 16, 2018 with the Presale of Peripheral Vision No. 8. It may take several weeks or months for print issues to become available for shipping as we streamline the production, design, and printing process. Please contact us anytime to inquire about your purchase or to discuss distribution. All images on the website and in print are copyright of the individual artists. 

Peripheral Vision Nos. 1-7 are archived digitally on the website and freely available to readers. 

Only one Promo Code may be redeemed per order. Please allow 5-10 business days for the shipping of print volumes. 

Artist Publication Fellowships

Peripheral Vision Press provides in-depth critical coverage of talented emerging and mid-career creators by pairing top applicants with experienced art critics for the production of original essays and artist interviews. By applying for a Fellowship and paying the associated Application Fee applicants agree to these Terms and acknowledge that Fellowship status is determined on the basis of merit by the editor and/or peer-reviewers and guest jurors. The decisions of the editor(s) are final and fees are non-refundable.

Publication Fellowships are available to professional artists over age 21 and MFA graduate students living and working in the US only. BFA students are not eligible. Top applicants are paired with a critic for an essay or interview at the discretion of the editor. Additional applicants will coordinate with the editor to complete our interview questionnaire. MFA students benefit from discounted application fees. The Editor may modify texts as needed to insure quality. Interviews and Interview Questionnaires not meeting the minimum word count of 1750 words, submitted after the deadline, or which do not comply with editorial guidelines and suggestions may be rejected for publication until a suitable draft is produced. 

Copyright + the Use of Images

Applicants grant Peripheral Vision Press permission to utilize application images and supporting materials for publication and publicity purposes on our website, newsletters, and social media outlets, including the Scott Gleeson personal Facebook page and LinkedIn account. It is assumed that Applicants retain copyright permissions for all images unless otherwise noted by the applicant. Peripheral Vision Press essays may not be reproduced for any reason without written permission of the Editor and payment of applicable royalty fees which will be remitted to your critic. Applicants will be added to our email subscription list and may unsubscribe at any time.

Artists may apply to any opportunities for which they are eligible, however, applicants may only receive one (1) Publication Fellowship every 2 years. #FollowerFriday feature artists and institutions may also be published on our Blog at the discretion of the editor.

Publication Fellowship applicants must be over the age of 21 years and live and work in the US. Applications will not be reviewed until the Application Fee has been paid. Incomplete applications will be disqualified. 

Peripheral Vision Press contract jurors and peer-reviewers agree to review all application materials on the basis of merit and eligibility requirements. Peripheral Vision Press retains copyright for all published texts drafted by contract Critics. 

Peripheral Vision Press reserves the right to modify this site and all content without notification to the creators, authors, or subscribers for any reason.