My work is an investigation of cultural identity. It seeks to clarify how we define and reference ourselves within a specific community. Being Native American many people come to recognize me by my ethnicity, rather than by my gender or religion. My work seeks to understand why one identity is better represented and interpreted to a specific group than another identity. Is this based on the individual, the community, locality of the society, or the generation? It creates a dialogue between how we represent and view ourselves in comparison to how others characterize us. It constructs a narrative between the seen and unseen facets of identity in todays society. As well as having a degree in art I also have a degree in cultural anthropology. I use my anthropology research to inform my art work and to physically manifest intricate concepts of identity.


Raven Halfmoon grew up in Oklahoma and attended the University of Arkansas for her undergraduate years. She earned a BA in Ceramics and Painting as well as a BA in Cultural Anthropology. Raven has had multiple exhibitions in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Texas and Montana. She graduated in fall 2014 and attended the first Advanced Student Project Network Residency (ASPN) at the Red Lodge Clay Center. Raven recently finished a year long Post-Bacc program at the University of Oklahoma and is currently a Long-Term Resident at the Red Lodge Clay Center.

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