Christopher Lynn


Walls are borders, boundaries, protection, separation, and delineation. I build walls and raze them. Walls that were meant to divide and claim inevitably become divided and claimed. The Berlin Wall has been reduced to collectible rubble with counterfeit concrete skinned in spray paint being peddled to tourists. My colorful and clownish structures sit incomplete and somewhat useless in deserts, homes, sidewalks and roads. They signify a blockade, but functionally fail. With calls in the U.S. to build a wall, I take up those calls, but lack intended direction or purpose. My deliberate obtuseness negates and mocks politics and ego.


Christopher Lynn's work has been shown at Rio Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT; Dorsch Gallery, Miami, FL (now Emerson Dorsch); BLK/MRKT, Los Angeles; and Gallery 1988, Los Angeles. He was the executive director of SPACES (2008-2013) where he worked with artists such as Steve Lambert, Temporary Services, William Pope.L, Jon Rubin, Machine Project, Efrat Klipshtien, Arzu Ozkal, Ben Kinsley and Jessica Langley, and a many other great people. He is currently the Associate Professor of Historical, Critical and Cultural Studies in Art and Design at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT.

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