James Behan is a dual citizen of Ireland and the United States. He lives and works in Dallas, Texas, where he earned an MFA in painting from Southern Methodist University. As a pupil to Bill Komodore, he is part of the artist lineage of Hans Hoffman and Mark Rothko. In addition to his studio practice, Behan is currently working as Professor of Art for Mountain View College, Dallas, Texas, where he serves as the Art Faculty Coordinator and teaches painting, drawing and design. 


My work begins with surface as the point of departure. Wood paneling is my most favored material, and is utilized in this series. I enjoy using materials normally reserved for construction, as they suggest the desire of our species to build permanence into an impermanent world. On these surfaces, materials such as oils, acrylics, Kilz, asphaltum, and enamels play out with intention and accident, in both the adding and subtracting. I engage this process, constructing and deconstructing, over and over, until each piece is spent. This most recent work is a reflection is on the instability of being in the here-now, how life flows gently and terribly, a calm stream or turbulent river, without warning or regret. My art is the residue of processed desire.

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