As an itinerant artist in the Anthropocene epoch, I explore the dissolution of environments into images through the use of “Green Screen.” Green Screen, or Chromakey technology is a cinematic effect in which two images are superimposed into the same frame, typically an actor in front of a backdrop. In monochromatic paintings and performances, the green hue is a site of transition, splitting the work between the live event / object and its digital counterpart. Like the vague and fugitive meaning of “Nature,” the green screen is infinitely mutable. I search in this indefinite space for visual poetics; a grammar for navigating the space between life and image.


Andy Davis (USA, 1989) lives and works in Urbandale, Iowa. Davis received his BFA in 2011 from the Kansas City Art Institute and completed MFA in Studio Practice at Southern Methodist University in 2016. In 2013 Davis relocated from New York City to Vietnam to work in an open-air studio behind a karaoke machine factory in Ho Chi Minh City. Davis returned to Vietnam in winter 2014 as Artist- in-Residence at the Muong Cultural Heritage Museum in Hoa Binh Province. While in Vietnam, unprecedented snowing in the mountains of the northern provinces underscored the urgency of global anthropogenic climate change. Mobilized by this experience, his current research focuses on the Anthropocene, the proposed geological epoch in which humanity is the primary force of planetary change. Davis’ nomadic practice continues during recent residencies including Archive Fever: SOMA Summer 2016, Mexico City and Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Art in Dijon, France where he is currently a post-graduate fellow.

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